Desiree is a kindhearted, compassionate CNA who has worked in House 1 for two and a half years. She has a way of building strong relationships with the residents she works with and treats them like family. Desiree spends her time off helping care for her grandparents and with playing her 3 pound Chihuahua, Lucky. Desiree is known to get a group of residents gathered in the evenings after dinner to participate in a game of rummy or bingo. She always has a positive attitude that is contagious and her love for our residents shows. She makes sure all the residents’ needs are met but she does so with love and kindness. We are so grateful to have Desiree as a part of our River Birch Family!


Shane has been a part of the River Birch family for just over one year.  He started out on our night shift and has now become full-time days.  Shane is a very dependable CNA. We can always count on Shane to be at work on time with a positive attitude. Shane is a very dedicated employee. He is willing to go above and beyond for whatever the residents may need completing the task with diligence and complete respect. He truly gives his all and works well with others.  When another caregiver needs a hand he is always willing to help. Shane works both House I and House 3 where he has built very strong relationships with the caregivers and the staff. In his personal life Shane has two sons and enjoys watching movies. We are very proud to have Shane as a part of our River Birch team!


Many of you will be very familiar with our caregiver we would like to honor this quarter. Zach has been with us for the past two and a half years. He has worked most of his time in 2016 during the day as the "guy" who our residents absolutely love!

We have come to depend on him for his stability and dependability that he brings to our family here at River Birch. Zach is always willing to step in and help fill an extra shift, along with being willing to take care of his residents that specifically ask for him! He consistently provides compassion-ate and loving care to each resident with whom he works.

Zach is wonderful at maintaining relationships with both the men and the women with whom he cares. He is always available to help move furniture, work on our technology issues as well as step in as needed assisting with care issues. Our families and residents appreciate having a guy working in a house that has several other men as well. Many of the residents have come to count on Zach and his care in 2016. River Birch is proud to have employees such as Zach taking care of residents. If you get a chance to stop and congratulate Zach, please do so.


The words “dedication and dependability” definitely come to mind when defining our Caregiver Spotlight. Erica has worked with River Birch for the past two and a half years and has been an exemplary employee from the start. When Erica is working we always know that our resident needs are being met in a very professional manner, responsibilities are getting done and resident families have someone they know loves on their family members.

Erica comes to work when she doesn’t feel well, is always on time, had to be extremely sick to be told she needed to stay home to take care of herself, provides the “peace of mind” that is so vital, efficiently gets all tasks completed in a timely manner, dedicates herself to her precious residents and takes that job very seriously. Erica has taken owner-ship of the evening position in house two and for that we are extremely grateful! She is well deserving of Caregiver Spotlight!

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